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I've been receiving a few requests for commissions lately. To those of you with the faith in my work to actually want to pay real money to see what I can do, I appreciate it, and I won't let you down! (And yes, I am open for commissions, so if you have something you'd like to run by me, message me here, or shoot me a line at

I have encountered some common questions to go along with these requests, and I think they're worth addressing, just in case you're interested.

What sort of submissions do you do?
All kinds. :) If you look at my page, you'll get a pretty good idea of what I can do, and my style, as far as both writing and photomanips are concerned. So, yes. I can do writing, or images, or both.

Will you manipulate my images?
Sure. If you have something in mind that you'd like to see morphed, I can do that.

What sort of writing can you do?
Whatever you're in the market for, whether it's a short story, or a sprawling, epic tale. I love to collaborate, too, and can incorporate whatever nuances you see fit into an overarching tale.

What's your rate?
I hate to say it, but it depends. It's mainly based on time commitment, and what your need is for turnaround time. But let me know what you have in mind, and we can work out a price and timeframe that's fair for both of us.

Thanks for the love!

First, the bad news, you guys.

As some of you may have noticed, I have removed the "Expandrine Eperiments - Emily" series from this DA account. I want to start by saying that this decision was entirely my own. I haven't been contacted or coerced, not the model, not her representatives, or otherwise. But, I've come to a moral crossroads. I'll explain.

I was doing some research on the lovely lady who was being used in this creation, and I stumbled across some information, deep in the furthest recesses of the internet underbelly. This gal is very young. 19, but still. And she enjoys modeling and expressing her sexuality in front of a camera. It's fun. But she's become afraid of the fact that she's become an internet sensation (at least, in our little corner of the internet). She's gone viral, and she's becoming overwhelmed. Her family found out, and it's created a lot of drama there. She regrets posing topless. She's a person, with very real feelings, who is freaking out because things went waaay farther than she imagined they would.

Models like Abbi Secraa, September Carrino, Lexxxi Luxe, and countless others, were in similar positions during their impressionable years. They made their decision to pose topless on the internet, allowing us all to enjoy what nature has given them. But they quickly discovered what they were getting into. Some continued on, content in the knowledge that they were are putting a very intimate representation of themselves out there, forever. Some decided to go along with it, and kept putting themselves out there, to varying degrees of... well, you know. Morally, I don't have a problem in incorporating these women into my photomanips. When you make a living showing yourself online, you very quickly come to realize all that entails. It's uncertain whether Lexxxi Luxe or September Carrino have the foggiest idea as to whether or not all this expansion stuff even exists, but it does seem that they are perfectly fine showing themselves sexually. They know it's sexual. Perpetuating that, in my own unique way, purely as a free form of self-expression, doesn't bother me.

The model used in this series is a woman who is capable of making her own decisions. But, sometimes we make mistakes, and we wish we could take back the things we did out of necessity, despiration, or just plain harmlessness-turned-disaster. Our technology has advanced faster than our social morés, and in an age of instant communication and information preservation, how horrifying and frustrating must it be to know that, well, there you are. Forever. On ten thousand hard drives.

This model didn't intend these shots to be overtly sexual. Shoots like this take place in a thousand photo studios every day. Did she know they were going to be used on a site where guys (and gals) go to get their rocks off? Yes. Was she counting on being idolized and harassed to the point of distraction as this bled into her personal life, ultimately causing her family to be incredibly upset with her? No. She has the right, insomuch as she can control it, to have her privacy respected, insomuch as she desires it. So, in all good conscience, I have to cut the series short. Otherwise, this just wouldn't be fun anymore.

With any luck, the viral nature these shots have taken on the internet will die down a little... the next large-breasted sensation will come along, and this one will fade into a type of obscurity. I hope so, for her sake. 'Cause she's probably a really nice gal.

The good news, is that the Expandrine Experiments will continue (mwahaha!). There are plenty of willing subjects out there, as it were... So stay tuned, dear viewer.


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